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your mentor in the workplace

Building a healthy workplace culture.

Building and maintaining healthy workplace cultures is proven to improve staff retention, efficiency and productivity whilst reducing sick leave, work-cover and workplace disputes. 

Steve uses a process he calls workplace cultural engineering to promote cohesiveness of teams and their leaders to improve strong and healthy workplace culture.

Call or email 13004Stevo with your questions, challenges or objectives and Stevo will respond with a plan. Your confidentiality is guaranteed from the moment of engagement with Stevo.

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Improving Your Workplace Culture

Building and maintaining a healthy workplace culture.

Health Professionals

Addressing difficult workplace issues for health professionals.

Managing Staff "Burnout"

Detection , prevention and recovery.

Independent 3rd Party Solutions.

How to address real-life challenges at home or at work.

Mentoring for Tertiary Students

Assisting students in health related studies.

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Some testimonials from Steve's clients

I can highly recommend Steve as a professional mentor. His personal insights and thoughtful analysis have greatly assisted me in meeting the challenges facing managers in the business world. His knowledge and understanding of the workplace culture is a great resource for any decision makers in this area.
Chris Davidson
Business Manager
I have known Steve as a colleague over a period of several years. Steven is a man of integrity that will always be in your corner. He is a consumate professional who cares deeply about his career and profession... with a broad knowledge base and a willing hand in any situation.

I always found Steve to be compassionate and professional. He always completed his duties with enthusiasm and commitment. Steven was always calm and reliable under the pressure of an Emergency Department.
Helen Garrett
Steven has always displayed professional entegrity, clinical competence and didication to his patients. He has always been dependable and able to perform admirably under pressure. His emergency skills and his support for other team members are exemplary.
Ann Murphy
As a business professional I find Steve to be a "guru" in the field of workplace culture and human relationships. Understanding the dynamics of the workplace is integral in establishing an efficient office environment. We have implemented many of Steve's recommendations with great success.
Ellen Woods
Office Administrator
Steve deals well with conflict and complaints and was particularly good with mental health patients. His calm approach and manner often settles the situation and gets a good result. He always deals in fact and gets all sides of the story to deal appropriately with the situation. Steve is one of the best clinical nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Bronwyn Luxon


Steven Conn has 20 years of experience in health care specialising in emergency care both in Australia and overseas.  Emergency departments are inherently stressful environments that highlight the powerful effect of workplace culture on the quality and consistency of the services provided.

Steve  demonstrated the ability to quickly build rapport with patients and their families in time-critical emergency care situations to achieve best possible clinical outcomes.  His last employer referred to Steve as  “one of the best clinical nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with”.